Q1. Whenever I switch on my light it is blinking green and then turning onto white. Why is that so? or I just bought a bulb from the store, how do I set this bulb up and start using it?

A1. When the above behavior happens that means the device is in a factory reset state and is waiting for adding onto a network. You have to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and add the bulb onto your device. Once you add the same you will be able to control the light with your Android or IOS device and enjoy all the features in the application. A tutorial video for the same is as below


Q2. Once the device is added, how should I use it and what are the features available with the device?

A2. Once you finish adding the device with the name as per your choice, You can just click on the device which will open all the features supported by the device. 


Q3. How do I change the color of the device and what options I have changing the color?

A3. On clicking the device in the device list, a color wheel screen opens up with the Color tab. Touch the color screen with your favorite color and the color is set on your device. You can also add your favorite colors in the Custom tab as well as use a few custom defined colors which are already set. You can also set the bulb to a choice of white either cool white or warm white as per your choice. The RGB tab on the far right also gives you the color change based on the color set in R, G and B values.


Q4. How do I use voice control? What things can I do with voice control?

A4. On clicking the device in the device list, a voice tab appears. Click on the voice tab and you have the chosen language display on the far left. The (i) icon gives you the voice commands that are supported in the chosen language. On clicking the microphone icon a google voice assistant will open waiting for the voice command from the user. Based on the voice command specified by the user the bulb changes its color or state. The globe icon on the far right of the screen gives you an option to change the preferred language as per your choice. 


Q5. What is the music option and how do I use it?

A5. On clicking the device in the device list, a music tab appears on the far right corner of the screen. On the music screen, there is an option to start the music mode. If you start the music mode and the music is already being played in the surrounding then the lights would synchronize to the loudness of the music being played. If nothing is playing in the surrounding you can play the music on the phone by tapping on the play button. 


Q6. What are scenes and how do I use them?

A6. Scenes are predefined options of lights changing colors based on a pattern. There are a set of pre-defined scenes which can be accessed through the middle tab on clicking the device page. Based on the mood you can choose the specific scene and enjoy it.


Q7. What are routines and how do I use them?

A7. Routines are similar to alarms where the device or the lights can switch on/off at a specific time of the week or a day in the week. Routines can be accessed on the far left menu with the option My Routines. On clicking the my Routines tab the routines set by you will be present. If you have not set any routines then an option to add the routine is present in the bottom right corner of the screen.  On pressing the add routine button you can set the time and day of the week when the routine has to be executed with the option to set the state, color and the slow wake up/slow sleep.


Q8. Why should I register in the app and what are the advantages?

A8. If you register in the app with a password, the network of devices that are added in your account get password protected and secure. This will make sure that your bulbs will not be able to control with another device unauthorizingly until the other device is registered with the same login and password information.