GloSmart Light Strip Coming Soon


Add ambient color to any room with the Vithamas GloSmat LED Bulb. The smart bulb do not require any Bridge for working, providing full control of the lights through the Vithamas Smart Home app with endless features.

Setup & Immerse in world of colors

Play with Smart Color Lights

Easy Setup. Just plug in your bulb onto the socket, add the bulb onto your device and start controlling your lights in an instant. There's no limit with colors on the GloSmart with over 16 million colors, you can transform your home into the perfect party venue, bring a pastime memory to life, and much more. Use preset favorite colors to remember and relive the moment with  the choice of colors you like.

Get in mood with warm to cool whites

Choose your white to suit your mood

With over thousands of shades of warm to cool white light to choose from to put you in the mood to work, play, or relax no matter what time of day it is. Start your morning off on the right foot with cool, energizing cool white light, or settle down for the night with warm tones.

High Bright LEDs

15w/30w super bright led design

The 2.5 meter long strip boasts a 15watt output with super bright LED design gives you high brightness compared to any conventional LED Strips. The 5 meter LED strip boasts a 30watt output. The super bright LED's used are the best quality LED's in the market with highest brightness and color reproduction. The Strip also boasts IP67 water resistance too.

SmartPhone App Control

Control from multiple smartphones simultaneously 

With the Support of Android and IOS Apps the bulbs can be controlled with the tip of your fingers in an instant. A single bulb can also be controlled by multiple smartphones with the app at the same instant. You can configure all your smart bulbs by naming them and grouping them as per your convinience in your smartphone under a login. On using the same login on another phone you would be able to auto-synchronize the complete configuration in an instant.  

Brightness Control 

Save power by using the bulbs brightness as per your needs

With brightness control you can control the bulbs brightness based on your needs from morning to night. The brightness control not only helps to give a better experience but also saves power. The lower the brightness the higher the power saving making it an all rounder bulb which helps to give you the exact light required as well as help to save power. 

Music Mode

Dance to the tunes by synchronizing the bulb with your favorite music 

Get ready to party anytime, any-day by synchronizing your GloSmart lights to music. Enjoy your music to the fullest with an amazing colourful experience synchronizing your favorite music to the beats.  

Voice Control

Nine languages support

Forget Amazon Alexa and Google Play. You can control the bulb using your smartphone connected to the internet. Explore the possibilities of voice control with a language of your choice. Control your Light colours and status in nine different languages English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam support. Information guide supports you with all the commands supported with a particular language selected.

Smart Routines

Simplify your life with Smart Lighting Routines

Automate your lights any way you want. Choose when to turn on with the color of your choice and when to turn off. You can even mimic being home by randomizing the routine. There are specific settings in the routines to wake up and sleep mode which replicate the slow sun rise and sun set.

Mesh Support

Mesh networking to increase the range and reliability of control

With the advent of the mesh capability the devices send, receive as well as formward messages to its neighbors thereby helping the network to increase the reliabality and range of the transmissions. Each bulb supports the mesh networking thereby increasing the range of access for your ideal home solution.


128 bit Encryption to ensure secure control of your lights

The application supports logging in securely with your own password. This enables the 128 bit encryption which makes sure anyone in the viscinity of your bulb device would not be able to control them until and unless they have access to your login credentials. 

Grouping Support

Group the bulbs based on usage

How does it sound if you were able to control all your lights in a bed room or a living room in a single touch. The grouping support exactly gives you the feature. You would be able to group upto 50 devices in a single group and control all the devices in a group in an instant. The grouping control on lights lets you control all the features present in the application with the group of lights.

Make In India

The devices are designed and manufactured in India

At a point where everything around us is being imported and sold to us by force these bulbs are designed and manufactured in India. The bulbs contain a 1 year warranty to keep the owners peace of mind. These bulbs are designed taking indian conditions to consideration. The support the customer provides buying our products will pave way for development of more amazing and challenging designs to the indian market.